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The 6th CCAF China Carving Art Festival & Hui’an International Stone Carving Competition kicked off  in Hui’an southern Fujian across from Taiwan on the 25th September, 2011, which, sponsored by the Sculpture Professional Committee of China, Government of Hui’an County, Chinese Sculpture Magazine and Hui’an Caving Art Institute, will last, as before, 15 days until the 9th October.

More than 600 original designs for sculpture from over 40 countries and regions joined the primary, and at last 50 artisits were selected to come to Hui’an. Now they are working hard on their stone sculpture with the help of their assistant to compete the final awards.

The following are some photographs of the opening and symposium of this Stone Carving Art Festival:

2011 6th China Carving Art Festival, Hui'an Opening

2011 6th China Carving Art Fesrtival, Hui'an Symposium

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The 5th China Sculpture Festival and International Stone Carving Competition opened in Hui’an on December 5,2009.

Nearly 40 sculptors from 13 countries and regions, including China, the United States, Turkey, Bulgaria, France, Japan, Spain, White Russia, Serbia,Romania, etc. are participating in the festival. Over 15 days, they will compete with their inspiration and skill, as well as exchange ideas with fellow artists.

1st Prize,Xiaoping XIN, Hui'an, China

Hui’an is the largest stone carvings production base and has the most advanced techniques. It is billed as the “paradise of sculptors” Zhang Yongjian, sculptor from Shandong Province, said, “Hui’an is the distributing center of stones. We can find any kind of stone on Earth here. And the local artisans are masters of taking care of stones. We sculptors can learn a lot from them.”

2nd Prize, Choe So Dong, Korea

The stone carving techniques derived in Hui’an enjoys a renowned reputation at home and abroad. The art has been enlisted in the China State Intangible Culture Heritage in 2006.

3rd Prize, Zhisheng DONG,Inner Mongolia

See how the China’s top television broadcasting company

CCTV International reported about this event in English by clicking the following links:


Batu Siharulidze, America

For the all seven award-winning pieces please move to

my flickr album China Stone Report

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